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Writing together in the Northern Rivers for over 10 years

Welcome to the Rainbow Writers

Rainbow Writers Group is a monthly gathering of like-minded writers who live in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Australia. We have been writing together for almost ten years. Some of us have won competitions and been published and most of us just love to meet over coffee and cake and discuss writing. Our major interest is romance writing but our work extends across other genres of short form and long form fiction including historical and suspense as well as poetry. From time to time, some of our favourite stories and extracts from new works will appear on this site.

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Our members—Libby, Tina, Ruth, Jennifer, and Judith—celebrate emerging from our...

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The Dreamer

Softly, the breeze caresses the restless sea.
Footprints cross-stitched into the wet sand.
They turn, and shaded eyes look beyond the etched horizon.

To see the snow-capped pavilions of a mountain range. Shimmering sands dunes rise against the burning sun.

A black horse tosses its head, the man’s flowing white robes edged with scarlet and gold.
Spices in a mystic souk swirl and tease.

A tropical isle awakes, a palm catches the first rays of the rising sun.
A coconut falls, rolls into the arms of the waiting sea, floating to where no one knows.
Dark green water on a deathly march attacks the ancient stone.
Marble terraces, works of art, palazzos, all under threat.

The carnival city is slowly sinking, while gondolas glide above.

Waves rush in to soak rolled-up jeans.

A seagull cries, a dog barks, a child squeals.
The dreamer softly laughs.

Reality has come to claim him.


In the pearl-white light of the rising moon they dance from star to star,
Locked in a loving embrace.
No wisp of cloud obscures the glitter of their perfect heaven;
Only stardust marks their path across midnight’s flawless, velvet sky.

Beneath them mortals gaze in awe at their starlit sparkle,
Knowing nothing of their passion, their enduring love, the silvery bonds that bind them.
Wraithlike in the moonlit sky they fly, on wings of silver filigree.
Rich treasures of their loving embrace binding them forever.

Taking her to heights she cannot reach alone.
He soars, leading her heavenward,
His guiding hand taking her aloft again and again.
Earthlings cannot know the love he has for her; she for him.

Their world is not for sharing. Beneath their feet mere mortals watch in wonder as they touch the stars.
Will their glistening spirits ever return to Earth? Elite lovers, forever together, alone in the universe.

Never to return.


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Below are some of our short stories, click on the author or the “Read the Story” button to read the story

By Ruth Morgan

A solitary Land Cruiser traversed the wide-open plains, a soaring plume of red earth in its wake.

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By Tina Rothbury

It is the middle of a hot humid day and I’m sitting at the bus stop. It is half an hour before the next bus.

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Stanley Fenwicks Golden Path
By Jennifer Hoff

Stanley woke to the warm lick of a tongue along his cheek.

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By Judith Johnson

The mob converged into the shallow gully. The smell of water too much for the thirsty stock,

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