Carla Ashburn romance author

About Carla Ashburn

Carla Ashburn writes gripping Romantic Suspense and Mystery novels set in the many places she has visited during her extensive travels. Her fascination for the stories she has experienced during her colourful life across three continents, prompted her to write. And so it began.


When one of her teachers said to her, “The best magic trick is writing.”, she couldn’t have agreed more. To create vivid, new worlds out of nothing is the most rewarding experience for her.


Carla Ashburn weaves skillfully social issues into the tapestry of her intriguing stories. This extra layer draws the reader in and makes it an interesting read without losing the lightheartedness of romance.


As a member of the RWA, she has achieved the 3rd place at the RWA Selling Synopsis contest 2015 and a final placing with a second entry the same year. She has won the 2nd place at the Byron Bay College writing competition 2015, the 2nd place people’s choice award at the Wandering Tale competition 2015.