Ruth Morgan Author




I’m passionate about writing crime fiction with a strong romance element. My earliest memories involve books, and dust storms. Mum was a great reader, and encouraged me to read at an early age. She loved stories where everyone lived happily ever after. Dad preferred adventure novels and I grew up reading both. The back streets of Sydney or the blue saltbush and red dust plains of Western New South Wales are favourite settings for my stories. In all my writing, the landscape is an important character.


In the last two years, I’ve started writing short stories. Initially it was a way of exploring a difficult character from a yet to be finished novel. Short stories are fun to write, and an enjoyable change in pace from longer works. This year, I’ve had a short story ‘Hooked’ published by The Wild Goose Literary e-Journal.


My current work in progress is a crime fiction novel, called Hot Rocks. It’s based loosely on the 1990’s Argyle diamond theft. The story and the events surrounding it have fascinated me for years. I began to wonder what happened to the stones, how far someone would go to find them and the story and characters took flight in my imagination.

I write every day, no excuses, and no exceptions. My goal for this year was to take advantage of any writing course which would help me hone my skills. The goal for next year is bigger - to find a publisher for Hot Rocks.


The Northern Rivers is home, and my office is supervised by a demanding feline family of three. Gardening brings me pleasure, and I have a thriving veggie patch. Time with friends is important for balance. I’m a member of the RWA and an active participant in a number of online writing and critique groups.