Judith Johnson

I’m a country girl and my heart is always in the country as reflected in many of my stories. Red sand hills, golden wattle and spinifex are the highs for me, although I love my little piece of sub-tropical heaven where I live.

A vivid dream I had to put down on paper, set me off on this journey of writing the stories I need to tell. My love of traveling to many countries also inspires my stories, as does men’s Italian made shoes, a face in a magazine, a scene, crowded airports, a piece of conversation, and music. I can’t resist books about Sheiks and Regency “naughty” boys.

 My mother was a storyteller, weaving tales looking into the embers of a log fire, cloud formations, tea leaves in a cup and storms. As a very young girl I used to write plays for my friends to act in. I wanted to be an Art teacher. It didn’t happen but I painted in oils until my writing took over.

As a member of RWA I have been included in their Little Gems Anthology and received top marks in an Emerald Award. I’m also President of a writing group on the New England Tablelands who produced two Anthologies, “Tenterfield Tales” and “Tenterfield Tales Too”.

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