Mary Warwick

Mary Warwick discovered the joy of books at a very early age and has read enthusiastically all her life. In mid-life she began to write seriously, gaining success with two novels which were published as audiobooks. Several magazine articles followed and for some years she wrote regularly for a regional daily newspaper. This was a far cry from the (occasional) prize-winning stories she wrote at school in England.

For much of her writing Mary draws on her experiences as a flight attendant and subsequent time spent working in rural Western Australia. After moving ‘over East’, marriage and children, Mary started a writing group in Tenterfield which thrived for the 25 years she lived there.

Now living in Toowoomba, U3A provides an outlet for her urge to write fun stuff while she continues to work on a substantial novel.

“Writing is a great way of recording the wonderful flights of fancy the brain is capable of generating. The blank page offers an invitation to express absolutely anything. Nothing satisfies so much as a completed typescript, be it a novel, a short story, a poem or an essay,” Mary says.

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