Ruth Morgan spent the first six years of her life on Wilkurra Station, near Pooncarie in outback NSW. An only child, with animals and adults for company, she quickly developed a rich and varied inner world populated with imaginary friends who went on exciting adventures.

Ruth has worked in a variety of fields, always gathering ideas and stories, and usually with her nose in a book or scribbling notes on the back of an envelope. Like many writers, she has a box in the bottom of the wardrobe filled with half-finished novels. It wasn’t until later in life that she took writing seriously and worked at her craft. Her first short story was published in 2018.

Moving into town and going to school offered new ideas, people and places. As her reading skills improved, the library became a popular place to spend time and in her last year of primary school she began to write. Her first published poem appeared in her High School magazine – a poem about her beloved Murray River. Her first teenage attempt at a novel involved Jack the Ripper – a passion for crime fiction appeared early.

Ruth has tried different genres but keeps coming back to crime fiction. She is fascinated by the reasons people do what they do, how individuals react when pushed to the edge, the impact of trauma and past events both on criminals and law enforcement. The impact of loss, grief, revenge, redemption, deceit and love are repeating themes. Her stories are inspired by real life events, observations and overheard conversations. They explore current social issues, including the changing role of women in law enforcement.

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Current Works

Ruth is currently working on two novels. 


The first – Puppetmaster is the story of David Patterson, a dedicated career cop, is forced to re-evaluate his life when his lover and colleague Emma, is killed in an ambush and he is critically wounded.

David transfers to rural Koorlong, trying to escape the memories. He meets Alix, a local writer, and falls in love. His painfully reconstructed world is shattered when she vanishes. 

Three weeks after her disappearance Alix’s body is found. He learns both murders were ordered by The Circus, a shadowy organisation he remembers from childhood that is rumoured to be run by a high-ranking police officer. Madison Hall is working on the investigation.

She’s an abuse survivor and fellow officer. David is determined not to become emotionally involved again. His single-minded focus puts those he loves at risk. Madison has her own ideas. She believes love is worth fighting for. Regardless of the personal cost, can they expose a cold-blooded killer, destroy The Circus, and build a new future?

Hot Rocks

The second is called Hot Rocks and indirectly inspired by the Argyle diamond thefts in the 1990’s.

Sergeant Leigh Taylor didn’t believe in love, until she met fellow police officer Zac Burnett. Now he’s dying in her arms and the investigating officer, Superintendent Jack Anderson, thinks she knows more than she’s saying about a web of murder, stolen diamonds and corruption. The evidence says Zac, the first man she ever trusted lied to her.

Leigh is disciplined, career focussed and determined to get to the truth. To clear his name, she’ll be forced to risk her job and her life – all she has left.

Jack Anderson needs to solve this case. Returning to work after being shot, this high profile case into the murder of one of their own will revive or destroy his career. He wonders if he’s being set up to fail because he’s gay.

Jack orders Leigh to cooperate but she’s written him off. 2IC Sergeant Charlie Pace understands the pain of losing someone you love. Hoping his softly-softly approach will get Leigh on side, Jack instructs Charlie to do whatever it takes to get her help, and solve the case.

Leigh doesn’t trust Zac’s boss, Sergeant Gavin Randall, especially not since he showed up at the scene with a weak excuse and disgraced ex-cop Ross Burton. Following the clues Zac left behind, she’s convinced Burton killed Zac.

Despite being intimidated, set-up and threatened with suspension, Leigh keeps searching. Finding uncut diamonds in a concealed safe in Zac’s home, Leigh is ambushed by Randall and Burton, after a shoot-out, Randall is killed. Charlie saves Leigh’s life, but is wounded. Burton escapes with the stones only to find they are fakes. He accuses Leigh of switching them. She denies she has the real stones, Burton isn’t convinced and threatens her life.

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