The Mirror Jennifer Hoff


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Category: Fiction » Anthologies

Category: Fiction » Literary collections » Australian & Oceanian

Published: April 19, 2021

Words: 49,970

Language: Australian English

ISBN: 9781005591762


Taking Tea With Ben Hall - By Jennifer Hoff

Thirty-two clever and engaging short stories feature in this latest anthology from Stringybark Stories. Selected from over 240 entries these winning and highly commended tales are wickedly clever, thought-provoking and a rollicking read. From priestly abuse to mysterious creatures in the Yarra River, this collection is sure to challenge and entertain.

Read an excerpt from Jennifer’s story here:


This fickle interlude before moonless nightfall was the dangerous time. Margaret placed the pistol on the kitchen table beside an unlit lamp and settled down to wait. Shadows played over a sideboard stacked with dishes, then darkened around a boot scraper wedged against the door.

In twilight, ...CONTINUE

desperate men could cover many miles at full gallop hidden from curious eyes. Bushrangers needed fresh horses—and Prince of Orange, the fastest two miler in the district, was in his stable twenty paces from where she sat.

With a sigh, she smoothed folds of muslin over her rounding body and eased a cramp in her foot. At 24, she was not longer carefree Maggie, only daughter of a wealthy thoroughbred fancier, bored and eager to experience the world.

Three knocks sounded. Margaret jerked to alertness, grasped the pistol, waited. Three knocks came again. If she opened the door, she risked a £100 fine and imprisonment for aiding a bushranger.

‘Who is it?’ she called.

‘A traveller.’ A male voice—the voice that she longed for and dreaded to hear.

With her finger on the trigger, she pushed aside the boot scraper and opened the door on its short chain. ‘Who are you?’ she whispered into darkness.

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Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Publisher : Beachwalk Press, Inc. (19 February 2021)

Format: Kindle Edition

Language : English

File size : 285 KB

Print length : 133 pages

Content Warning: contains some strong language and sex scenes




Can Aaron and Sally overcome the doubts and misconceptions that they have about each other?

Both Sally Bradshaw, a professional interpreter, and Aaron Hastings, a wealthy lawyer, are guilty of making wrong assumptions about each other after meeting at a disco bar. Colored wigs, food poisoning, drink spiking with a date-rape drug, and a police lineup only add to their confusion.

...CONTINUE When Sally and some other ladies were out celebrating her cousin’s birthday their drinks were spiked, and Sally wrongly thinks Aaron is one of the men responsible. Meanwhile, he assumes she’s a prostitute after the suggestive way she danced with him, and the fact that she almost immediately gave him—a virtual stranger—her address with an invitation to visit.

For some odd reason, their paths continue to cross. And even though neither one of them particularly likes the other, they both feel a strong attraction. But it may be an attraction they’re not able to explore, because to add to this dilemma, they’re both involved with other people.


Underground Writers  Rmance

SOLD OUT  By Ruth Morgan

When Damien Innes is shot by the man he once loved, his life heads in a new direction. Betrayed, his colleague murdered, as he recovers his considers his future.


...Damien Innes could feel the wooden floor beneath him. The smell of blood filled his nostrils.His heart was pounding. He couldn’t feel his legs.
“Another flashback?” a voice asked.
Damien opened his eyes and looked around him, dragging his thoughts into the present. He could feel the
armrests of the chair, the cane resting against his thigh...


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Category: Crime Romance

Published: Feb 05, 2020

Publisher: Underground Writers Issue 29: Romance

Language: English





Can their love overcome their disillusionment with marriage?

When Patric Delmonto, a wealthy Formula One driver, meets Staci Yates at a concert, he's intrigued by the beautiful woman. However, a brief flirtation is all he can indulge in. Although his disastrous marriage has been over for many years, he's still legally tied to his drug-addicted wife. Patric is challenged when the flirtation with Staci grows into something more, and he knows that the time has come for him to finally get a divorce.


Staci is a busy woman. She's the portrait artist for the gallery she once owned with her ex-husband, paints under the name of Anastasia, and is the guardian for her younger sister. She has no time for intimate involvements. But she finds Patric holds a strong attraction for her, and she accepts a commission to paint a portrait of him. Even the intense dislike she has for all things Italian—thanks to her failed, demeaning marriage to an Italian artist—isn't enough to stop her emerging feelings for this man.

Will their love be strong enough to overcome their past traumas?

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Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Publisher: Beachwalk Press/Inc.
Published: 2020

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 371 KB

E-book: 270 pages

Language: English

Content Warning: contains sensual love scenes



Beware my Foolish Heart Judith Johnson

JUST IMAGINE: Short Stories

By Dorothy Martin

This is a wonderful collection of short fiction by various authors. Love and betrayal. The stories are about human emotion and life.

Available in ePub Format


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Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Category: Fiction & Literature

Published: Feb 26, 2014


Seller: Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Print Length: 199 Pages

Language: English



PEARLS OF THE PAST By Judith Johnson

Secrets of the past weave mystical déjà vu that could determine Corrie and Britt's future.

Corrie Nelson is on a mission. For her beloved grandfather's ninety-fifth birthday she wants to create a memory album about the time he spent on Endeavour Island as a young man. She reaches out to Arafura Enterprises—a local company that seems to be involved in everything that occurs on the island—hopeful that they can provide her with assistance. When Corrie arrives at Endeavour Island she experiences an overwhelming sense of déjà vu....CONTINUE

She's never been to this island, yet the feeling grows that she belongs there.

Britt Hendricks is the owner of Arafura Enterprises. When he's introduced to Corrie somehow he knows her, although they've never met. He can't understand why she doesn't experience the same deep feeling of recognition, and he becomes frustrated, initially refusing to provide the assistance she has requested. Finally accepting that he's smitten, he makes amends and offers to help her in her quest. And maybe in the process he can win the beautiful woman over and explore this undeniable attraction.

But when they discover family secrets that date back to their great-great-grandparents, it might destroy everything, including their fragile, new relationship.


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Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Publisher: Beachwalk Press/Inc.
Published: 2018

E-book: 256 pages

Language: English

Content Warning: contains mild language and sex scenes



Pearl of the Past Judith Johnson


1913. Arabella Syme's dream holiday in the Hawaiian Islands is becoming a nightmare. Her brother is behaving strangely, and her romance with charismatic hotelier, Gabriel Kana, threatens to break her heart. Gabriel Kana, the owner of exclusive Attworth House on Maui, is preoccupied by the garrotting of a local ferry captain, and hotel guests are terrified of a visiting yacht and its mysterious owner Jacob Mort. Arabella's brother disappears. ...CONTINUE

Jacob Mort confronts her with a story of her brother's toxic chemical shipments to Europe as well as a ransom demand. She is trapped in a web of smuggling, intrigue and murder. But Arabella is resourceful and modern...and she has a plan. She can outwit Jacob Mort, rescue her brother, forget Gabriel Kana and sail home to Melbourne. Or can she?

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Available in Paperback

Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Historical

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Published: July 21, 2015
Paperback: 256
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Language: English



Postcards From Ka'anapali (1)
Hackett's Chase by Mary Warwick

No longer available.

HACKETT's CHASE By Mary Warwick

Excerpt from: HACKETT'S CHASE


THE snick-snick of the scissors and the deep, burbling laughter of the fat man in the barber’s chair faded from Andy Hackett’s consciousness. Oblivious to the buzzing of blowflies in the window and the rumbling of cattle trucks that shook the building in their passing, his concentration was focused entirely on the magazine he had so casually snatched from the chair before sitting down to wait.


The page was creased and the black-and-white photograph small and indistinct but his memory was crystal clear, bridging the twenty-year chasm as though it were yesterday. He could feel her now, feather light in his arms as he carried her across the rain-swollen creek, could feel the rushing, swirling water dragging at his legs, threatening to sweep him off his feet; could feel the wet strands of her fine, chestnut hair whipping his face, sticking to his neck. Staring at the photograph he felt again the sting of her words, the pain of her departure, the bitter loneliness of the vacuum in which he existed when she had gone. He heard once more the surprised words of Charlie Knowles in the milk bar next to the cinema, ‘Strewth, mate! You let her go?’ The memories were so clear that he did not need to close his eyes to relive every scene. He swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry.

In two decades not a single day had passed that he hadn’t thought about her. He studied the photograph. Her hair was shorter than he remembered, and her clothes - there was an expensive elegance about them - and her eyes were different. Eyes that had sparkled with laughter so long ago now stared at him, not empty, but brimming over with sadness and hurt. She was so different, yet there was no doubt.

‘Alex.’ He whispered her name on a sigh. Twenty years had passed, true, but his first thoughts every morning and the last every night had been of her. Every time he thought of her he had kicked himself, told himself what an idiot he had been, but it made no difference. She married the bastard, anyway. Quickly, noisily, he rustled the pages of the inside-out publication until he located the cover, keeping his thumb in the place. There was the date: June 4th, just two weeks ago.

The fat man stood and the barber shook the cape, took up his broom and swept away the dark brown wisps of hair that littered the black and white vinyl   floor.




CROSSWIND By Mary Warwick

Exerpt from: CROSSWIND


The R & M Fuel Supplies representative shook his head and reflections of parked aircraft slid back and forth on his wrap-around shades. Despite his small stature the man had an indefinable presence, a hint of power.

‘Sorry mate, I can’t help you...’ He didn’t look sorry, shrugging his shoulders and spreading his hands, palms upward....CONTINUE

Nick Brathens looked at the soft, white skin of those hands, hands which, like his crisp, white shirt, were proof that the man never actually came into contact with the products he sold.

‘But you’ve always let me have fuel in the past...’ Brathens protested with ill-concealed exasperation. ‘What about my car? It must be worth a bit.’ He tossed a bunch of keys in the air and caught them easily in his long, thin fingers.

‘That rust-bucket? Ha!’ The R & M Fuel rep’s voice rose an octave and the reflections zig-zagged again. ‘I’d have to pay to get it towed away! No way, Mister Brathens! Look, I’ve gone out on a limb for you. If the area manager finds out how much you owe us he’ll have my balls!’

‘Is that your last word?’ Brathens glared from beneath lowered silver-grey eyebrows, his pale blue eyes narrowed.

‘It is.’ A small sniff added finality to the words and his wide, frog-like mouth snapped shut. Brathens muttered an obscenity and turned on his heel. Head down, and with his fists rammed deeply in the pockets of his faded jeans, he walked back to the hangar.



Crosswind by Mary Warwick

Published by Elmtree, Canada, as an audiobook.
No longer available