Jennifer Hoff Runner Up In The Stringybark Short Story 2021 Contest

Our Rainbow Writers Group member Jennifer Hoff had a recent success as a runner up in the Stringybark Short Story 2021 Contest with her story Taking Tea with Ben Hall included in this year’s anthology, The Mirror.
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Read an excerpt from Jennifer’s story here:

This fickle interlude before moonless nightfall was the dangerous time. Margaret placed the pistol on the kitchen table beside an unlit lamp and settled down to wait. Shadows played over a sideboard stacked with dishes, then darkened around a boot scraper wedged against the door.
In twilight, desperate men could cover many miles at full gallop hidden from curious eyes. Bushrangers needed fresh horses—and Prince of Orange, the fastest two miler in the district, was in his stable twenty paces from where she sat.
With a sigh, she smoothed folds of muslin over her rounding body and eased a cramp in her foot. At 24, she was not longer carefree Maggie, only daughter of a wealthy thoroughbred fancier, bored and eager to experience the world.
Three knocks sounded. Margaret jerked to alertness, grasped the pistol, waited. Three knocks came again. If she opened the door, she risked a £100 fine and imprisonment for aiding a bushranger.
‘Who is it?’ she called.
‘A traveller.’ A male voice—the voice that she longed for and dreaded to hear.
With her finger on the trigger, she pushed aside the boot scraper and opened the door on its short chain. ‘Who are you?’ she whispered into darkness….

For more information and to buy a copy, check out our BOOK page.

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