Just Imagine Writing Together

Writing may be a solitary endeavour, however, we managed to write nineteen short stories, put them together and make a book with the title of ‘Just Imagine Short Stories.’ It was fun, it made us laugh, read out loud, agree and the opposite. It taught me how hard it was to get every little thing right. As our stories are all different, so was our ways of writing them. Sometimes the formatting was a nightmare. When it went well it was a dream. Margins had to be the same, we had to agree on the font, the spacing and just every little thing. Eight of us wrote nineteen short stories.

We met once a month in each other’s houses, with the story we wished to include. We did this with biscuits, chocolate and other delights and copious cups of tea and coffee. Our task was to edit and then edit again. We all had red pens we used copiously. We read and marked each other’s stories. When we were finely ready we used Lulu.com. It is now on the iBookstore site. We may have another try. It was a good experience into how books get published.