Judith’s new contemporary romance Pearls of the Past is now available from Beachwalk Press.

As well as being a dedicated romance writer, Judith is also convener of the Rainbow Writers group based in Lismore. To celebrate the release of Pearls of the Past, the group gathered for coffee and heartfelt contributions on the often long and serendipitous path from the germ of an idea to final publication. Congratulations, Judith!


Pearls of the Past

Corrie Nelson is on a mission to create a memory album for her grandfather’s ninety-fifth birthday about his early life on Endeavour Island, far north Queensland. When she arrives, she feels an intense sense of déjà vu although she has never been to the island before.

Britt Hendricks, the owner of Arafura Enterprises, experiences similar strong feelings when he meets Corrie, a stranger to the island. At first he refuses to help her and then relents, knowing he must explore his undeniable attraction to her.

When they discover long-hidden family secrets, those secrets threaten to destroy everything including their fragile new relationship.


At the RW morning celebration of the book’s launch and fueled by coffee and too much cake, Carla and Jennifer held a Q and A session with Judith to learn more about the new book and Judith’s experience of writing.


Q: Where is the book set and why were you attracted to this location?
A: I visited Thursday Island and was immediately attracted to the place. It became my setting for Pearls of the Past.


Q: What research did you do for this book?
A: Certain themes interested me: Thursday Island’s fascinating history. The Coast Watchers, the pearling industry and the ketch Kezia which was moored at Seisa, Cape York with a For Sale sign on it. That elegant ketch became Lady Beautiful in my book.


Q: What kind of secrets come between Corrie and Britt? We must know.
A: I won’t tell you but I can give you a hint. (Bursts of laughter and more cake.) I used mysterious natural forces to highlight the attraction and buried secrets between my main characters. Corrie follows up her sense of déjà vu but Britt resists his own strong feelings of familiarity and initially refuses to help her.


Q: You belong to a writers’ group, Rainbow Writers. Did this group help you?
A: YES! My writer friends in RW helped with support, technical assistance, constructive critique and encouragement


Q: When did you start writing?
A: In my 50’s. I dream a lot and one night I could smell incense and had a clear vision of a sheik in a desert romance. Late that night I wrote with a broken pencil and have never stopped writing since. My love of travel also inspires my stories as do men’s Italian shoes, a face in a magazine, a scene, crowded airports, a fragment of conversation, and music. I can’t resist books about sheiks and Regency ‘naughty’ boys.


I wrote in secret for six months before I told anyone including my family.


Carla and Jennifer: Thanks so much, Judith. Now we are waiting impatiently for your next release.