Rainbow Writers Meet Award-Winning Author Annie Seaton


by Carla Ashburn


Well-known author, Annie Seaton internationally published and the winner of the Book of the Year for 2018 in the AUSROM TODAY Reader’s Choice Awards, found her way to our region.


Judith Johnson and Tina Rothbury from the Rainbow Writers, as well as author Jenn J. McLeod met Annie Seaton during the recent launch of her book at the Lismore Library and had a chance to ask some questions.


Do we all have dreams of becoming writers when we are very young? Certainly, it was true for Annie Seaton, who told us, at a reading of her latest book, she had begun her love of writing and reading before she even attended school. I was very impressed by this notion of storytelling, starting at such a young age and growing up to become an author.


Australian author of at least forty-three titles, Annie Seaton brings to life a new area of romance — Eco-Adventure.


Her inspiration comes from the natural beauty of our Australian landscapes and her passion for raising awareness of the need to preserve these pristine areas.


Annie Seaton is a master of capturing the raw beauty of the Australian landscape. She takes the essence of sacred places and weaves it together with a strong plot of suspense and romance.


Her most recent book “Undara” is set within the treacherous caves of Undara, where a betrayal will test the bonds of friendship and family. It is a page-turning new eco-adventure.